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Over time, old cabinets, doors, and furniture can begin to look worn from years of use. Moore Painting and Power Washing offers affordable and professional wood restoration services. Constant wear, dirt build-up, cleaning chemicals, water and more can cause wood to become worn, faded and discolored. Our experienced crew has the experience and knowledge to clean, repair and restore any wood surface. We use special techniques and products to safely restore wood surfaces to like new condition. 

We offer various options when restoring doors, cabinets, and furniture. In some cases, we remove cabinets, doors, and furniture and take them back to our shop to begin the restoration process. We then remove existing hardware and carefully inspect each piece for any repairs that may be needed. Once necessary repairs have been completed, we strip, sand and remove the old finish. Lastly, we apply several coats of primer, sealer, stain or paint depending on the project. You will be amazed at the transformation. 


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When looking for a professional painter for your home or business, it is important to know all your options. We will help guide you through these decisions so you can get the best results for your painting project. There are many different factors that come into play such as budget, time, colors and the type of paint you choose. We will make sure you are property educated so your new paint will stand the test of time. Our crew works hard to make sure your new paint looks perfect, is done on time and your property is cleaned up to the same condition when we leave. We have the experience and equipment to complete residential and commercial interior and exterior painting projects of any size.

We use only high quality environmentally friendly painting products on every job. In addition, we use modern equipment and techniques for optimal application of coverage. We have the experience and equipment to complete painting jobs of any size, and do it in a timely manner. Painting upkeep is very important to maintain the integrity of your property. We will make sure you are aware of any areas of damage as well as recommendations on where our services are most needed. We stand behind our work on every job we do.

Our complete painting service area  is located in Central Mississippi including Smith County, Jasper County, Jones County, Lamar County, and Jackson County.


The interior of your home is where you spend much of your days and nights. The interior of your business is important to maintain for your customers, employees and your building. We take care when painting the interior of your home or business not to disturb your operations, belongings, and property as we work around existing fixtures and furniture. Our superior craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure your equipment, flooring, fixtures, furniture, and baseboards are protected throughout the entire painting process.

Our excellent interior painting service begins during our preparation, where we take the extra steps to ensure an excellent paint job. We take the time to properly prep the entire area including taping and caulking to make sure there is no overspray or paint where it is not supposed to be. We also offer additional service to repair and texture any damaged areas before painting. We are your complete interior painting service for residential and commercial jobs of any size!

The exterior of your home or business is extremely important to maintain. It is not only important visually, but also very important structurally. A building is only as strong as its foundation. The same goes for the protection of the materials on the exterior of your home. We take great care in providing accurate estimates and identifying any concerns we have that may need to be addressed. We want our job to be done right the first time and stand the test of time. We will make sure you are aware of any repairs or board replacement and that may need to be done before painting.

A large majority of an exterior paint job is in the preparation. We take great care in making sure our detailed caulking, taping, and cleaning is done correctly and thoroughly. Our expert crew takes the time to make sure your home or business is protected from the elements and the job is up to our professional standards.


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Soft Wash pressure washing is an extremely affordable and efficient way to maintain the exterior of homes and businesses throughout Central Mississippi.  We use soft wash low-pressure power washing techniques to safely and quickly remove grime, oil, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and other materials from siding and roofs. We use a variety of techniques, modern equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning products to clean and restore almost any surface around a house, business or building. Regular house and roof cleaning will not only protect the investment of the property but will also prolong the life of the structure and help maintain the property value. We have the experience and equipment to complete residential and commercial house washing, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning projects throughout Raleigh and within a 75-mile service area.

Over time, algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, dirt, grime and dust begin to build up on roofs and buildings. Not only do these contaminates look dirty, they can actually begin to break down roofing materials shortening the life of the roof or siding. If contaminants are not cleaned and removed periodically, it can lead to an unsightly building, costly repairs or even replacement. Moore Painting and Power Washing offer affordable soft wash roof cleaning and house washing services to Smith County, Jasper County, Jones County Lamar County, and Jackson CountyOur professional house washing, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning services use only eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products that are specifically designed to safely clean your roof, home, and gutters. Our specialized organic cleaning solutions reach deep into the surface of the roof to quickly remove and eliminate mildew, mold and other harmful materials. Our low-pressure chemical soft washing application process is extremely safe for any surface and the environment.


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Concrete driveways, walkways, and entryways catch everything. Over time, dirt, road grime from your tires, mold, mildew, oil, grease and other materials from automotive traffic and foot traffic cause the concrete to become gunky, slippery and just dirty. Our professional grade high-pressure concrete surface cleaners generate hot water to wash and remove all these contaminants.  We use specialized equipment designed to agitate and deeply clean concrete and other porous surfaces. This special machine reaches down through the porous concrete to draw out material that causes concrete to become stained and dirty.